Dr. Hakan Ozcelik

California State University, Sacramento 

Dr. Hakan Ozcelik

Dr. O​zcelik created the Annual College of Business Administration Film Festival program where he pursues an arts-based pedagogy to create high-impact learning practices where students transform sensory experience into knowledge. This project is a collaboration among senior-level students who produce films in Dr. Ozcelik's course on Leading with Emotional Intelligence where they integrate leadership theories with emotional intelligence concepts. Although short, the films address complex topics and use comedy genre to translate unfamiliar concepts to audiences. This innovative approach creates a deeper understanding of textbook knowledge by expanding the impact of management theories beyond texts and addresses the growing needs of organizations for more creative thinking in an increasingly global marketplace. Former students attest that Dr. Ozcelik's unique and innovative teaching has inspired and better prepared them to become great leaders in their careers.

Determined to expand film-projects' impact, Professor Ozcelik has been organizing film festival events for the last eight years, hosting organizational leaders, employees, executives, artists, and film-makers, as well as the CSUS campus community. These festival events, sponsored by the College of Business Administration (CBA), create a space for students and the larger community to pursue emotionally intelligent leadership at a broader level. He also invites leading management scholars as commentators to these events, which helps building connections with some of the highly prestigious universities, such as Yale University, Stanford University, Wharton School, Temple University, and University of California, Davis. Thus far, 271 students produced 43 film-projects integrating leadership theories with emotions with over 1,065 viewing these films at festival events

The Annual CBA Film Festival program reflects Dr. Ozcelik's ongoing efforts to integrate his research expertise and teaching by implementing innovative pedagogical strategies. Since he received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2004, he has become an established scholar contributing to emotions research in the management literature, specifically topics such as discrete emotions in organizations; surface acting; emotions in leadership; emotional climate; emotions and decision-making; and emotional awareness in cross-cultural business communication. He has published in prestigious journals, including Academy of Management JournalOrganization Science, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Journal of Management Education, and Research on Emotion in Organizations; and presented his studies at several conferences. His research has also been cited in popular press outlets such as New York TimesThe GuardianFortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Comstock's Magazine, the Wharton School's business radio broadcast, The Washington PostSociety for Human Resource's Magazine, and Bloomberg. He feels fortunate about being able to transfer some of the insights gained from his research to his students through their film production.  

Professor Ozcelik's innovative strategies have been recognized internationally. He was invited to the World-Summit on Studio-Design in Management Education, in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, to present about film-making as a pedagogical design. In 2016, he presented about the Film Festival project's learning outcomes to scholars from Sorbonne and ESCP Universities in Paris, France. In 2015, the Film Festival project was shared in a showcase symposium at the Academy of Management Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada, which brought together leading scholars to analyze a selection of film-projects from festival events. Professor Ozcelik has recently started leading an interdisciplinary platform, the CBA Organizational Wisdom Studio, to create and disseminate wisdom to larger society as well as students. The first wisdom studio hosted a panel of scholars, artists, and executive to pursue A Wise App​roach to Addressing Anger in Organizations; and future studio projects are in progress to explore topics such as developing wiser studentship in universities, and utilizing wisdom to overcome workplace loneliness.




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