Dr. Rajee Amarasinghe

California State University, Fresno


​Dr. Amarasinghe, Professor and Chair of Mathematics, led teams of math faculty to redesign introductory mathematics courses that bear college-level credit, such as liberal studies math, calculus and math for liberal arts courses. In an effort to eliminate remedial courses, Dr. Amarasinghe coordinated teams of math faculty to implement introductory math courses. Under his leadership, the department has transformed to include curriculum innovations focused on student success, infused pedagogical innovations in mathematics courses, created undergraduate and graduate level student research, generated employment opportunities, obtained funding for scholarships to low-income, academically talented students, and created innovative service and outreach programs. These outreach program's focus on attracting local high school and community college students to major in mathematics. In addition to leading his department's student success-focused curriculum, pedagogical, and research innovations, Rajee has also built a collegial environment by developing departmental activities that serve to enhance critical areas for faculty who want to excel in their own scholarship. Dr. Amarasinghe led the development of Integrated Credential for Mathematics at Fresno State and directs Summer Academy in STEM, a series of workshops designed to enhance mathematics education in the Central Valley.