Elizabeth Pollard, Ph.D.

San Diego State University

Elizabeth Pollard, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Pollard, Ph.D., history professor at San Diego State, is recognized for her work in redesigning humanities courses using innovative digital methods to create meaningful hands-on learning opportunities.

Guided by her student learning outcomes, Pollard leverages SDSU's Digital Humanities tools, including TimelineJS, StoryMapJS and Onodo, to assist with students' learning and research skill-building. Her approach garners national attention, from peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations, to the inclusion of sample assignments in an upcoming Digital Project Handbook. Her innovative assignments, her students' work and her process-oriented blog are shared as an open education resource for other CSU students and faculty members.

Since fall 2019, Pollard also serves as a Faculty Fellow for Instructional Technology Services (ITS), focusing on online instruction, faculty development and the Digital Humanities Initiative. Pollard mentored faculty on effective online course design, leading sessions on aligning online course activities and assessments with student learning outcomes.

Pollard's pedagogical innovation significantly contributes to student success in the classroom and beyond; students are better able to understand historical methods and content using the digital interventions she applies, than through more traditional teaching methods and assignments. Students reported high levels of confidence in their abilities after completing their final digital projects, expressed pride in their work and reflected on applying what they had learned in other courses. Several students have mentioned the digital projects they created on job interviews or in their resumes to highlight their technical and analytical skills, resulting in successful hires.

“Dr. Pollard is undeniably one of the most creative and passionate teachers I have ever known, and is a true leader in pedagogical design," says Dr. Pamella R. Lach, MSIS, Digital Humanities librarian at SDSU.