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Available statement types include the following:

  • Consolidated Financial Statements: Audited consolidated financial statements include 23 campuses and the Chancellor’s Office. Prior to 2014, some campuses also prepared individual statements, which are now included as supplemental schedules. Auxiliary organization financial statements can be found on the respective websites.
  • CSU Institute: The CSU Institute houses the commercial paper program for the California State University. The CSU Institute financial statements include the independent auditors’ report, management discussion and analysis and the audited financial statements and supplementary information.
  • CSU Risk Management Authority (CSURMA): The CSU Risk Management Authority's financial statements include the independent auditors’ report, management's discussion and analysis, the audited financial statements and supplementary information.
  • Single Audit Report: CSU Single Audit Reports are prepared in compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, contracts and applicable grants, including the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations and the Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance.
  • Stockton Center: Statements include the auditors’ report and supplementary information about the Stockton Center Site Authority.
  • Systemwide Revenue Bonds (SRB): Individual SRB statements completed prior to 2016. Current SRB information is included in the systemwide statements. Bonds are used to finance the construction and repair of student facilities.

Statement Type


Fiscal Year




2019-20 CSU Risk Management Authority2019-20CSU Risk Management Authority2019-20 CSURMA
2019-20 Stockton Center2019-20Stockton Center2019-20 Stockton Center
2019-20 CSU Institute2019-20CSU Institute2019-20 CSU Institute
2019-20 Consolidated Financial Statement2019-20Consolidated Financial StatementsFY19-20-CSU-Financial-Statements
2019-20 Single Audit Report2019-20Single Audit ReportsFY19-20-CSU-Single-Audit-Reports-Final-secured-Accessibility
2018-19 CSU Institute2018-19CSU Institute2018-19 CSU Institute
2018-19 CSU Risk Management Authority2018-19CSU Risk Management Authority2018-19_CSURMA
2018-19 Stockton Center2018-19Stockton Center2018-19 Stockton Center
2018-19 Consolidated Financial Statement2018-19Consolidated Financial StatementsFY1819-CSU-Financial-Statements-LForm-Secured-Accessibility
2018-19 Single Audit Report2018-19Single Audit ReportsFY1819-CSU-Single-Audit-Reports-Final-secured-Accessibility
2017-18 CSU Risk Management Authority2017-18CSU Risk Management AuthorityCSURMA-2018-2017
2017-18 Stockton Center2017-18Stockton CenterStockton-2017-2018
2017-18 Single Audit Report2017-18Single Audit Reports2017-2018_SingleAuditReport
2017-18 Consolidated Financial Statement2017-18Consolidated Financial Statements2017-2018_AudFS
2017-18 CSU Institute2017-18CSU Institute2017-18-CSU-Institute
2016-17 Consolidated Financial Statement2016-17Consolidated Financial Statements2016-2017_SystemwideFS
2016-17 CSU Risk Management Authority2016-17CSU Risk Management AuthorityCSURMA-2017-2016
2016-17 Stockton Center2016-17Stockton CenterStockton-2017-2016
2016-17 Single Audit Report2016-17Single Audit Reports2016-2017_SingleAuditReport
2016-17 CSU Institute2016-17CSU Institute2016-17-CSU-Institute
2015-16 Consolidated Financial Statement2015-16Consolidated Financial Statements2015-2016_SystemwideFS
2015-16 CSU Risk Management Authority2015-16CSU Risk Management AuthorityCSURMA-2016-2015
2015-16 Stockton Center2015-16Stockton CenterStockton-2016-2015
2015-16 Single Audit Report2015-16Single Audit Reports2015-2016_SingleAuditReport
2015-16 CSU Institute2015-16CSU Institute2015-16-CSU-Institute
2014-15 Consolidated Financial Statement2014-15Consolidated Financial Statements2014-2015_AudFS
2014-15 Systemwide Revenue Bonds2014-15Systemwide Revenue Bonds2014-2015_SRB-Final
2014-15 CSU Risk Management Authority2014-15CSU Risk Management Authority2014-2015_CSURMA
2014-15 Stockton Center2014-15Stockton Center2014-2015_StocktonCenter
2014-15 Single Audit Report2014-15Single Audit Reports2014-2015_SingleAuditReport
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