Career Fast Track: Preparing Graduates for the Job Next Door

By working with local industries, CSU campuses are ensuring their graduates are ready to enter careers and drive innovation in these regional sectors.

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While the COVID-19 pandemic may have taken a toll on California’s (and the world’s) economy, the state is taking cautious steps to gradually reopen and recover, allowing many people to head back to work and employers to begin hiring again.

Time and again, California has recovered from economic challenges like those it faces now. Globally, the state continues to be celebrated for its strong, diverse industries—​from wine and technology in the north to tourism and agriculture in the south. As a key part of this resilient California spirit, the CSU continues to prepare students for success in their careers. In fact, one out of every ​​10 employees in the Golden State is a CSU graduate.

Take a look at five major California industries and discover the ways the CSU is educating students to work in those fields even as it drives innovation and change in them.