Student looking for classes surrounded by other students.
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On the Path to Transfer: New Online Tool Helps Community College Students Track Their Journey to a Four-year Degree


The CSU Transfer Planner is now available to any California Community College student.

Student looking for classes surrounded by other students.

The California State University (CSU) has launched the free online CSU Transfer Planner to help streamline the transfer process for the more than 90,000 community college students seeking to earn their four-year degree at one of the 23 universities in the CSU system.

“The CSU Transfer Planner is a must-have for any student interested in transferring to the CSU," said April Grommo, CSU assistant vice chancellor of Strategic Enrollment Management. “This new user-friendly tool allows community college students to enter their classwork and track how their progress aligns with the CSU's general education and major-specific requirements. We want students to feel empowered to start planning their future at a California State University campus."  

Part of the CSU's continued efforts to increase the number of bachelor's degrees attained by California college students, the CSU Transfer Planner helps students create a centralized resource to track their community college coursework and maximize time to degree completion.

​​A preview of the CSU Transfer Planner .

With the CSU Transfer Planner, students can:

  • Learn more about any of the 23 California State Universities, their programs and transfer-admission requirements
  • Save degree programs of interest to their online account
  • Log their community college coursework to track general education progress and compare their current GPA against the transfer-admission requirements
  • Receive helpful tips about how to efficiently transfer to their chosen CSU campus

The CSU Transfer Planner was developed specifically for the CSU by Liaison, the enrollment management technology company that designed the Cal State Apply platform.

Eligible students interested in a guaranteed spot at a CSU campus can also use the Transfer Planner to enroll in the Transfer Success Pathway dual admission program—announced earlier this year.

Future plans for the Transfer Planner include developing an integration with the Cal State Apply platform to create a seamless transition of data and application experience for students.

“The California Community Colleges are a primary access point and launching pad for CSU undergraduate students, particularly those who are low-income, first-generation or from historically underrepresented communities," said Grommo. “More than 40% of CSU undergraduate students started their higher education journey at a community college, so the Transfer Planner will help thousands of students to proactively engage in mapping their higher education success."

Whether they are planning to transfer or just beginning their college journey, all students are encouraged to create their free CSU Transfer Planner account today at For additional information, visit the CSU Transfer website

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