Image of California's Capitol Building with copy "Budget News" across the front.
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CSU Statement on Governor’s May Revision 2024-25 Budget Proposal



Image of California's Capitol Building with copy "Budget News" across the front.

​The following statement can be attributed to CSU Chancellor Mildred García:

“The California State University (CSU) recognizes that the governor's May Revision seeks to address the state's significant fiscal challenge​s. We acknowledg​e the governor's commitment to the CSU but are deeply concerned about what the proposal means to our students and 23 universities. As the institution that educates the evolving workforce of California, this budget places us in a position of making difficult decisions. As always, our top priorities will remain the success of our more than 450,000 diverse and talented students, maximizing programs and services for underrepresented students, expanding access, and ensuring we continue to uplift all communities within the state." ​

On May 10, 2024, Governor Newsom announced the May Revision of his administration's 2024-25 state budget proposal, including funding for the CSU. The January Governor's Budget proposed the deferral of the 2024-25 CSU ongoing compact funding commitment by one year—until fiscal year 2025-26—to help address the state budget shortfall. That proposal would have provided the CSU a 10% ongoing state funding increase in 2025-26. The May Revision modifies the deferral proposal to instead provide the CSU with a 2% ongoing state funding increase in 2025-26. In addition, the revised proposal now contains a one-time, unallocated budget reduction for 2024-25—equivalent to $75 million. Previously, the January Governor's Budget proposed no year-over-year change in state funding for the CSU for 2024-25.

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