CSU Chancellor Jolene Koester and Korea University President Dr. Jin Taek Chung standing next to each other, smiling
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CSU International Programs Partners with Korea University for New Student Exchange Opportunities

Janessa Thropay

Learn how the CSU is promoting diversity and preparing students for the global community.

CSU Chancellor Jolene Koester and Korea University President Dr. Jin Taek Chung standing next to each other, smiling
Korea University President Jin Taek Chung (left) and CSU Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester​

As the largest, most diverse and significant four-year university system in the United States, the CSU aims to provide educational opportunities just as diverse as the student body it serves. Demonstrating affiliations with nearly 50 recognized universities around the world, CSU International Programs​ (CSU IP)​ continues to facilitate and engage in new partnerships for students to study abroad.

On October 4, 2022, CSU Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester and CSU IP leadership staff met with Korea University President Jin Taek Chung to sign a student exchange agreement, as well as discuss further points of collaboration such as joint faculty research, faculty exchange and joint seminars.

“The CSU's new partnership with Korea University will enrich the educational experiences—indeed, the lives—of students from both institutions," said Koester. “Study abroad programs promote understanding and respect for other cultures and perspectives while preparing students to engage with the global community. Hosting students from abroad enhances the dynamic diversity of CSU campuses, helping us to educate and inspire culturally competent students. These immersive learning experiences allow students to step outside the classroom and broaden their world view, while learning indelible lessons and developing lifelong relationships."

CSU students and faculty will soon have the opportunity to study and participate in research at the highly ranked and accredited Korea University in South Korea, while gaining hands-on experience in a unique culture. This partnership also reflects CSU students' significant interest in studying abroad in Korea, providing many more the avenue to do so through CSU IP.

For over 50 years, CSU IP has emphasized the vital skills of intercultural communication and international understanding among its students. With partnerships in over a dozen countries, CSU students have a wide selection of study locales and learning environments. More than 15,000 students have taken advantage of the exchange opportunities available, gaining resident academic credit while pursuing full-time, year-long study at a host university or special study center abroad.

The CSU offers one of the most affordable study abroad programs in the nation and provides scholarships to students​ from across the university to enable more of them to participate in these opportunities, especially first-generation and Pell-eligible students. 

Learn more about study abroad opportunities on the CSU International Programs website​.​​