Multiple students walking on campus with the copy "News Update" across the center.
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CSU Extends Intent to Register Deadline Due to Federal Aid Processing Delays



Multiple students walking on campus with the copy "News Update" across the center.

The California State University (CSU) has extended the intent to register deadline for fall 2024 for new first-time, first-year admitted students to no earlier than May 15, 2024, in response to the further delays in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) processing announced by the U.S. Department of Education. This extension applies to each of the 23 universities in the CSU system.

“For prospective students who have applied for the fall 2024 term and received admission to one or more CSU campuses, this deadline extension allows them and their families additional time to review financial aid offers before making their decision to commit to a particular CSU," said April Grommo, assistant vice chancellor of CSU Strategic Enrollment Management.

Typically, CSU campuses would determine aid offers by March and ask admitted students to declare their intent to register to a CSU campus by May 1. However, the​ Department of Education announced on January 30 that it would begin sending student FAFSA information to universities starting in mid-March—approximately two months later than initially planned. This means that universities across the country, including the CSU, won't receive the federal data within the typical timeline needed to deliver financial aid offer letters to prospective students.

“We understand the frustration that students and families may be feeling. The CSU is committed to ensuring students receive a comprehensive financial aid package," said Grommo. “Financial aid offices across the CSU's 23 institutions are working diligently to be prepared so they can award students as soon as possible after the receipt of the student FAFSA information (ISIRs)."

For information on each CSU's intent to register deadline, visit the university's admissions or registrar website.

Students who have not applied for financial aid are encouraged to do so, as more than 80% of CSU students receive some form of financial aid and more than 60% of undergraduates have their tuition fully covered by non-load aid.​ The priority FAFSA deadline for academic year 2024-25 is April 2. For information on eligibility or how to apply, visit the FAFSA website or the California Student Aid Commission website.​

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