Ramesh Bollapragada, Ph.D.

Excellence in Professional Development Award, 2013-14
San Francisco
Department of Decision Sciences

Professor of Decision Sciences Ramesh Bollapragada's research involves developing new models that help a variety of industries—from supply-chain networks to service providers, manufacturers and telecommunications firms—deliver goods to consumers. Informed by his eight years in the private sector before coming to academia, his research is closely connected to the real world. Since joining the San Francisco State University faculty in 2002, Bollapragada has published more than 16 journal articles, presented 20 papers at international conferences, reviewed more than 20 journal articles and been named twice as the College of Business Research Professor of the Year. His work has influenced regional transportation policy, helping to improve FasTrak usage and reduce traffic congestion on Bay Area highways. He has visited 25 countries on research and teaching assignments and collaborated with world class researchers in the United States and globally in the areas of scheduling, inventory and supply chain management, telecommunication network planning.