ASCSU "CSU 2030" Feedback Portal

We'd like your thoughts about the challenges and opportunities facing higher education and the CSU in the next decade

​​This year, the Academic Affairs Committee​ of the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) has launched a project to envision what the future holds for higher education and the CSU in 2030 and beyond.  The aim is to use this envisioning of the future and the challenges it may bring to engage policy makers in conversations about possible ways in which those challenges might be met.  We hope that the through such a dialog, the voice of the CSU faculty might help shape that future before policy choices are "set in stone".

​Our first step is to develop an understanding of what the challenges are.  To help us in that effort, we are reaching out to the faculty.  Through the short survey (linked below) we would like you to let us know what you see as the most significant challenges that will confront higher education in the next decade.

​We plan to complete this initial outreach process by the end of the 2022 fall semester.  Using your input, a summary of the challenges you have identified will be developed.  That will set the stage for conversations with a people involved in policy-making in the fall and next spring.

The survey, which you can access at this link asks these three questions:

  1. What do you see as the significant challenges currently facing higher education that you anticipate will last well into the next decade? As you think about those challenges, please focus on challenges that are problems for higher education in particular.
  2. Looking forward, what do you see as the significant future challenges facing higher education in the next decade?  Try to focus on challenges that have not yet significantly impacted higher education.  And again, please focus on challenges that are problems for higher education in particular.
  3. Thinking about the challenges you have highlighted above, how do each of them impact the CSU or your campus in particular?

Please click on this link to share your thoughts with the Academic Affairs Committee.

Once the first phase of this initaitive is complete and the summary of future challenges is developed, we will post a link to it on this page. If you have any comments or questions please reach out to your statewide senator.​