Academic Project:

There are two categories of equipment that relate to an Academic Project.

Group I Equipment

This group consists of fixed equipment that is incorporated into or attached to the facility, meaning the equipment is not moveable. Because it is fixed, this type of equipment is part of the Construction stage of an Academic Project for budgeting and execution.

Examples of Group I equipment include:

  • whiteboards
  • attached bookcases
  • laboratory equipment that’s fastened to walls
  • science laboratory benches
  • lab fume hoods
  • lab distilled water systems
  • wind tunnels
  • theater rigging

Included in Group I are program-specific built-in items.

Group II Equipment

This type of equipment is also program-specific, but generally is moveable and does not require significant utility connections. Please note that Group II items are not a part of the construction contract and are budgeted in a separate budget phase.

Examples of Group II equipment include:

  • tables (for classrooms and conference rooms)
  • chairs (for classrooms and conference rooms)
  • standing lecterns
  • laboratory equipment
  • microscopes
  • TVs (for interdisciplinary classrooms)
  • hand-held electric tools
  • computers
  • cameras
  • moveable cubicle configurations
  • other office equipment  (but not replacement equipment)

Cost estimates for both Group I and Group II equipment can be found in the CSU Cost Guide for Academic and Self-Support Buildings (XLS)​. This information is embedded in form CPDC 2-7 for use in project estimating.

Requests for major construction equipment (Group II) includes: an introductory page outlining the scope of the project to be equipped; and form CPDC 2-23. On form CPDC 2-23, you should enter all equipment that meets the characteristics outlined as follows:

  • If the equipment has a useful life (including extended life due to repairs) of two (2) years or more.
  • If the equipment has an identity that does not change with use, i.e., one that is not consumed by use or converted by fabrication into some other form of property.
  • If the equipment is of a nature that allows property labeling (i.e., small tools, magnifying glass, beakers, etc).

The administration budget of 3 percent of the total equipment budget amount is for the direct and indirect costs for the selection and acquisition of equipment. 



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