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Choose a project type from the options below. Each of the four main project types includes a phase-by-phase guide with all of the documentation and tools you’ll need to successfully complete your project.

Academic Project

Projects in this category directly support the CSU's academic mission. Funding typically comes from CSU- or campus-designated reserves and CSU Systemwide​ Revenue Bonds for Academic Programs.

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Capital & Infrastructure Improvements

These projects provide facility upgrades, tenant improvements, and utility upgrades. Projects in this category are typically under $10 million.​​​

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Public-Private Partnership

Also called P3, this is a contractual agreement between a public agency and a private sector entity. Within the CSU, this has been expanded to include "real property partnerships".​

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These projects construct and operate new or renovated facilities that include parking structures, student housing, recreation centers, stadiums, auxiliary an​d other facilities that help support educational goals.

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