What to Expect on Day 1


When you arrive at the CSU Chancellor’s Office on the first day, you’ll want to park in the lot across from the 401 Golden Shore building (see image below). Enter through the gate indicated by the orange arrow. When you arrive at the gate, press the buzzer and let the security guard know your name and that this is your first day. After parking, proceed to the main building and check in at the security guard’s desk.

Process Day 1

After checking in with security at the front desk, a photographer from Communications will meet you in the lobby to take a photo that will be used for your ID badge, internal newsletter and online directory.

Next, a representative from HR Services will greet you to escort you to a conference room. Coffee and a special gift are waiting for you! While in HR, you’ll fill out a few forms and receive your OneCard (ID Badge).

This process takes about an hour. HR will then contact your supervisor to meet you and escort you to your office.

OneCard Badge

Your OneCard badge gives you access to offices, the 401 Golden Shore parking lots and the back entrance of the Golden Shore building. Carry it with you at all times. To activate a door or parking lot gate, simply tap the card on the card reader.


If you have any questions, please contact your hiring manager.