Systemwide Digital Library Content

Systemwide Digital Library Content

The Systemwide Digital Library Content (SDLC) team manages the contracting of electronic information resources in support of the CSU’s academic mission.

SDLC is one of the most successful models for shared acquisition of electronic information in the nation. Established in 1989, and sponsored by the CSU Office of the Chancellor, SDLC (formerly SEIR) manages the SDLC consortium on behalf of its member libraries. Our staff focus on leveraging the substantial purchasing power ​of the CSU to achieve economies of scales for our campuses. In this way, we maximize the benefits from our portfolio of resources in ways that directly help faculty and students.

Library Statistic Reports

Find reports for every CSU campus library going back to 1994, in PDF or Excel format.

Council of Library Deans

The council advises the Assistant Vice Chancellor for​Information Technology Services on a variety of matters.


CSU Libraries Network

The 23 libraries of the CSU's campuses are a network led by the Council of Library Deans with the support of the Systemwide Digital Library ​department.

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Systemwide Digital Library Services

This team oversees the adoption, development, implementation and support of library information systems across the CSU.

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If you need to reach Systemwide Digital Library Content staff at the CSU Chancellor's Office, we're here to help.

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