Transfer - Choosing a Campus

Transfer: Choosing a Campus

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  • Which Campus Is Right for You?

    Explore the 23 campuses of the California State University by location, setting, size, and sports to find the school that’s perfect for you.

  • Compare CSU Campuses

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  • Match Your Major to a Community College or CSU Campus

    If you're pursing an Associate Degree for Tr​ansfer, use this database to find campuses that will help you earn your associate's, and then a bachelor's.

  • Match Y​our Major


Will Your Credits Transfer to the CSU?

See if the courses you've already taken will transfer to the campus of your choice.

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Associate De​gree for Transfer:
A Degree with a Guarantee

If you earn an Associate Degree for Transfer at a California community college and meet the CSU's eligibility requirements, you can transfer to the CSU.

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What Do You Need to Transfer to the CSU?

All CSU students must meet minimum requirements to be eligible.