CSU Purchase Program

Cal State Apply Coupon Code Requests for School Districts and Community-Based Organizations

School districts and community-based organizations who wish to purchase application fee waiver codes (coupon codes) for their students may do so through our CSU Purchase Program. One application fee coupon code may be used per student, and the coupon codes are only valid for one academic year. Requests for codes will be reviewed by the Chancellor's Office and issued to the requestor via email, and your institution or organization will be billed for the number of codes requested. It is the institution or organization's responsibility to ensure that the invoice is paid in a timely manner.

How to Purchase Coupon Codes

Use the form linked below to submit a request on behalf of your organization. By submitting a request to purchase codes, you agree to the following:

  • You are an authorized representative of your organization to request and purchase codes
  • You will be billed $70 per code requested, not for codes used
  • There are no refunds on any purchases or unused codes
  • These codes are only valid for the academic year indicated
  • A purchase of 25 codes, at minimum, is required

Upon confirmation of receipt of the request, you will receive an email with codes provided and an invoice for payment. This process may take several days.

Need help utilizing the coupon codes? Download our Applicant Help Guide! It is recommended that this guide be shared with applicants as you issue the application coupon codes. How to Use A Cal State Apply Coupon Code.

Attention: Due to the high volume of requests, coupon code purchases that are submitted on November 30th are not guaranteed to be processed within the same day.

Purchase Cal State Apply Coupon Codes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to purchase coupon codes?
The cost of coupon codes is $70 per one coupon code. Organizations will be billed for the total cost of codes requested, not for the number of codes used.

What is the processing time to receive the coupon codes?
Processing times may vary, but the average time to receive application coupon codes after a request is submitted is approximately 5-7 business days. You will receive an email once your request is submitted through the online form, and you will receive a follow-up email within the 5-7 business days with the codes provided. A final email with the invoice for purchased codes will be provided shortly after receiving the codes.

Will I be charged for coupon codes used or coupon codes requested?
Organizations will be billed for the total cost of codes requested, not for the number of codes used.

Who can I contact if there are issues with the coupon codes?
If your organization or your applicants experience any technical issues utilizing the coupon codes, please email us directly at CalStateApply@calstate.edu. Our office will coordinate with Cal State Apply to resolve the issue.

How long are the coupon codes valid?
Coupon codes are valid for the entire academic year. Coupon codes can be used for a fall, spring, or summer application term, so long as the application term falls within the current application cycle for which your codes were issued.

Can the coupon codes be used at any institution?
Coupon codes may be used at any of the 23 CSU campuses.

For questions regarding the CSU Purchase Program, please email CalStateapply@calstate.edu. If your students experience any issues utilizing the coupon codes, please report technical issues to this email address.