Apply to a CSU Using CaliforniaColleges.edu

About CaliforniaColleges.edu

As the State of California’s official college and career planning platform, CaliforniaColleges.edu empowers students by providing them with a one-stop shop for all the tools they need to set goals for life after high school and make plans to achieve them. Through CaliforniaColleges.edu, students can:

  • Discover: The journey begins by helping students discover their strengths and interests, learn how they connect to fulfilling careers, and understand the steps they’ll need to realize their goals.
  • Plan: CaliforniaColleges.edu allows students to track high school coursework and grades, college and major searches, and career exploration.
  • Launch: Students can use CaliforniaColleges.edu to launch and track California public college applications, as well as federal and state financial aid applications, all in one place.

CaliforniaColleges.edu supports California residents who are first time freshman applicants to the CSU. For more information, visit CaliforniaColleges.edu/learnmore/ and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Use CaliforniaColleges.edu to Apply to CSU

By launching their Cal State Apply application through CaliforniaColleges.edu, students can track their application status. In addition, students with Partner Accounts can import their coursework from CaliforniaColleges.edu to their Cal State Apply application, which reduces the time to complete the application and helps prevent errors that can delay or deny admission.

Furthermore, when students launch their Cal State Apply application from CaliforniaColleges.edu, educators can monitor their progress using reports that show the status of student Cal State Apply applications at a glance and prioritize follow-up to students who need it most.