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Trivia Leaderboard

Here are the current leaders of CO in the Know’s trivia contest. The names of participants ranked in the top four are listed. A trivia winner is announced every quarter so continue to answer a new question every week!​​

1Petgrave, Myra 6
3Green, Allison2
3Molle, Toni2
3Sanchez, Marci2
3Skoulphong, Nancy2
4Braverman, Jodi1
4Colman, Jolene1
4Dawirs, Doneen1
4Dole, Michaela1
4Faneuff, Jennifer1
4Gardener, Hannah1
4MiLee, Nancy1
4Naiknimbalkar, Alexis1
4Patrick, Kevin1
4Redfearn, Lori1
4Rheault, Lynn1
4Saberi, Ebi1
4Tran, Lisa1
4Urbina, Anabel1
4Villanueva, Edward1
4Zuniga, Felix1
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