Super Sunday
  • Dr. Thomá Morales, President of Cal State Bernardino speaks at Cathedral of Praise International Ministries in San Bernardino, California.
  • Dr. Jane Close Conoley, President of Cal State Long Beach participating in Super Sunday at the Family of Faith Christian Center in Long Beach, California.
  • Reginald Baylock, Vice President of Student Affairs at San José State participating in services at Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Jos´, California.
  • Dr. Loren Blanchard, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at the CSU participating in Super Sunday at City of Refuge in Los Angeles, California.
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CSU Super Sunday

The CSU embarks on its annual Super Sunday during February. Together with its church partners, the CSU works to improve the preparation and graduation rate of African American students at the CSU.

During Super Sunday, CSU leaders, including the chancellor and trustees visit more than 100 churches across the state to deliver a message, directly from the pulpit, that encourages youth to pursue a higher education. More than 100,000 congregants receive this important message each year. They also receive important resources from the CSU to help them foster a college-going culture at home.

Now in its Thirteenth year (see history), Super Sunday has expanded to include a companion college fair event called Super Saturday.