Super Sunday

CSU Super Sunday

Super Sunday takes place each February as part of the CSU African American Initiative, seeking to improve the preparation and graduation rate of African American students in the CSU.

During Super Sunday, CSU leaders, including the chancellor and alumni, visit more than 100 churches across the state to deliver a message, directly from the pulpit, that encourages youth to pursue higher education. More than 100,000 congregants receive this important message each year. they also receive important resources from the CSU to help them foster a college-going culture at home.

Now in its tenth year, Super Sunday has expanded to include a companion college fair event held in August, called Super Saturday.

Super Sunday events will be held throughout the state during the month of February 2015:

  • February 8 in Northern California
  • February 15 in Southern and Northern California
  • February 22 in Southern California

Locations and times

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