All Things STEM Podcast

All Things STEM Podcast

On this show we will explore all things STEM. Most importantly we will highlight the incredible work of our CSU STEM faculty, students, staff, administrators and programs.

September 2021
One on One with a CSUN STEM Graduate

Join us on this episode for our one-on-one with Justice Mena, a recent chemistry graduate from California State University, Northridge. We discuss his CSUN experience, his current research projects, and his future goals.


August 2021
Critical Race Theory in Education

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a topic of fierce political debate in the US and has most prominently played out in public school districts as parents, teachers, and school administrators grapple with how to teach race, discrimination, and inequality in the classroom. In today's episode, we discuss these issues with Dr. Gabriela Chavira, a Professor of Psychology and NIH BUILD Principal Investigator at California State University, Northridge. We also discuss how CRT is a tool to enhance CSU STEM programs and research.

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May 2021
Fire Science, Wildfires, and its Impact on the State of California

Over the years, wildfires have severely impacted the State of California. Today, dry conditions across California raise concern for an early fire season. Listen to our conversation with Dr. Craig Clements, a Meteorologist Professor, as we discuss his Fire Weather Research Laboratory at San Jose State University. He talks about how his research analyzes wildfire behavior. In addition, he discusses how they are preparing the next generation of scientists on wildfires and what to expect this summer.


April 2021
Institutional Barriers, Change and Powerful Student Advising

​​Dr. Frank A. Gomez sits down with Dr. Katy Pinto, a Sociology Professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills, to discuss campus institutional barriers and implementing institutional changes to help students navigate those barriers. She also talks about the meaningful connections and partnerships she has made with her students to help them achieve their academic goals.


March 2021
Health Disparities Among Communities of Color During COVID-19

Listen to our conversation with CSULA’s Public Health Professor, Dr. Melanie Sabado-Liwag, as we take a deep dive into the ongoing health disparities within communities of color. We discuss these disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the serious ramifications that may lie ahead, and how this impacts the CSU campuses post COVID-19.

February 2021
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) in STEM fields

Listen to the insightful conversation we had with Dr. Heather Macias, Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach, on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP). We discuss what CRP really means and how it can empower students. We also address some of the best ways CRP can be used within STEM fields, for both k-12 and higher education.

January 2021
San Francisco State’s Build Program

Learn about the San Francisco State's BUILD program and how Dr. Leticia Marquez-Magana, the Lead Principal Investigator, is enabling full representation in science at SFSU. Join the conversation, as she discusses various topics from why she applied to the BUILD grant, its' impact on San Francisco State's students, the importance of research within the California State University system, and how compositional diverse representation in higher education is important.

December 2020
All Things STEM Episode 0

Start listening January 11, 2021 and join us on this STEM journey and listen to the incredible stories and research our California State Universities are doing.

All things STEM-NET podcast Host is Dr. Frank Gomez, Executive Director of the STEM-NET affinity group within the California State University system.