All Things STEM Podcast

All Things STEM Podcast

On this show we will explore all things STEM. Most importantly we will highlight the incredible work of our CSU STEM faculty, students, staff, administrators and programs.

May 2024
​Building the Future: Inside the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon

 Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas  

In this episode of All Things STEM, Dr. Frank A. Gomez speaks with Dr. Fred Smoller, Associate Professor of Political Science at Chapman University and President of the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon. Join us as we delve into Fred's journey and the exciting developments of the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon. They discuss the origins and evolution of the Sustainability Decathlon, a competition that promotes green, affordable, and sustainable housing solutions. The conversation highlights the educational significance of hands-on experiences in sustainable housing projects and examines strategies for sustaining and expanding such initiatives through innovative funding models and community engagement efforts. ​

February 2024
Beyond the Trees: A Historical Perspective on Redlining's Role in Shaping Los Angeles' Avian Landscape

 Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas  

Assistant Professor Eric Wood, an expert in Avian Ecology and Conservation at Cal State Los Angeles, joins "All Things STEM" to discuss his research on the impact of environmental and global changes on biodiversity in urban landscapes, specifically in Los Angeles. His work explores how historical racial redlining has affected urban development, income inequality, and bird habitats. By combining avian research with social issues, Professor Wood's work sheds light on sustainability and equity in urban ecosystems. This episode offers a unique perspective on the intersection of wildlife biology and urban ecology, highlighting the historical and ongoing influences shaping metropolitan natural environments. Listeners will gain insights into how interdisciplinary research can inform and improve urban greening and conservation strategies in marginalized areas.

December 2023
Navigating Trust and Privacy in Technology

 Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas  

Introducing Dr. Kristen Walker, esteemed Professor of Marketing at Cal State Northridge, whose pioneering research bridges public policy, technology, and marketing realms. Dr. Walker's scholarly focus centers on cultivating socially responsible business practices within technology landscapes, touching on interactive marketing, social media dynamics, and safeguarding youth privacy. Join us as we explore Dr. Walker's perspectives on the paramount significance of trust and privacy in technology, navigating the intricate landscape shaped by the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence.

September 2023
Climate Change and the Redwood Trees

 Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas  

"Long-term goals of sustainability restoration for the Redwood in California would be to increase forest resiliency. We want to manage forests to be resistant and resilient to factors such as drought, pathogens, and fire. Given the changing climate, if the forest dies, it is uncertain whether they will regenerate. The conditions may be too hot or too dry." In this episode, Dr. Frank A. Gomez engages in a conversation with Dr. Lucy Kerhoulas to discuss the intricate relationship between climate and redwood trees, exploring the mutual impact they have on each other's existence and growth.

August 2023
Exploring Gentrification, Social Justice, and the Dynamics of Urban Change

 Dr. Kevin Fingerman 

"We have to have a shared vision of goals that have explicit value judgements about what it means to have a humane society. There has to be this ideal that we want to strive for and by this, I mean there is a need to form a critical theoretical perspective and analysis where you understand groups and people and micro level issues and how they are connected and interconnected with broader economic systems. We have to see a broader picture beyond individuals and this idea of individual will… and move toward ideals of justice, equity and a more humane society”. In this episode, Dr. Frank A. Gomez engages in a conversation with Dr. Erualdo R. González, a Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies at California State University, Fullerton, where they explore topics including community engagement, sustainability, equity, and the effects of gentrification.

June 2023
Ensuring that the Electric Vehicle Revolution Reaches all Californians

 Dr. Kevin Fingerman 

"The big barriers are upfront purchase price, vehicle range, and the availability of charging infrastructure. There are more visible gas stations than charging stations. The range anxiety piece is one that has dogged the electric vehicle market; people feel like they will get stranded. However, most electric vehicles, with some exceptions, will have a 250-to-400-mile range. Also, upfront purchase prices have reduced. Charging station logistics are a concern. I conducted a study that looked at access to charging infrastructure and the way access is inequitable, even here in California, a state that has a lot of (A) vehicle charging infrastructure and (B) a bit of a justice and equity lens applied to these kinds of policies. Most EVs are owned by folks who have higher income, higher education, and tend to live in single-family homes. This means there is an inequity in who is getting access to the benefits of being an electric vehicle owner." In this episode, Dr. Frank A. Gomez engages in a conversation with Dr. Kevin Fingerman to explore the obstacles hindering the progress of transportation electrification in our state and country. They delve into potential solutions that can be approached from an energy justice perspective.

August 2022
Health Disparities in Children


“I think we need to improve both nutrient and physical activity environments everywhere children grow, go to school, and play. And we need both universal policies and policies that support children with less resources so we can give all children a fair chance to grow healthy.” In this episode, host Dr. Frank A. Gomez sits with Dr. Emma Sanchez, associate professor of Health Education at San Francisco State University, to discuss her research on racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in health. She shares her research on the impact of policies and environments on health and disparities. She also addresses obesity, maternal and child health, food, neighborhood conditions, physical education policies, and the significant impact of these policies on the most vulnerable populations within our communities, children.

June 2022
Teacher of Color Issues, and the Development of Culturally and linguistically Diverse Learners in STEM settings


“61% of teachers in the workforce in California are white, while white students only compose 22% of the student population. So, you already see this disproportion. Latinx teachers are 1 in 5 while Latinx students are 55 to 56 percent of the K-12 student population.”  In this episode, host Dr. Frank A. Gomez sits with Dr. Tina Cheuk, assistant professor of Elementary Science Education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, to discuss issues that include the development of culturally and linguistically diverse learners in STEM settings. In addition, to the struggles of teachers of color across the pipeline.

“If students do not see people who mirror them, they get this opinion that I am not good enough. People that look like me are not there, so they won’t strive to be a teacher. How should we reimagine or reinvent how we look at applicants?”

May 2022
The Power of Mentorship

“Why is it important to mentor students, especially students of color in STEM areas?” In this episode, host Dr. Frank A. Gomez sits down with Dr. Keith Trujillo, a Professor of Psychology at California State University, San Marcos, to discuss his leadership in mentoring underrepresented students and his personal mentorship experiences that impacted his life.

“Science and academia are not the world that many folks inhabit prior to considering a career in that area, and this is where mentorship becomes essential…I have seen people come into the field and experience brick walls and challenges at multiple times and feel that they are failures. Getting small success along the way is very important to feel that you are competent and can pursue this career, and this is where a mentor can be very helpful”.

April 2022
Discovering the Mysteries of the Universe and Paving the Way for Black Women in Astronomy and Physics

Dr. Louise Edwards

“I was always making an effort to find those affinity groups…for mentorship.. and support”. In this podcast, host, Dr. Frank A. Gomez, sits down with Dr. Louise Edwards, Assistant Professor of Physics at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, to discuss her journey as the first Black Canadian to receive a Ph. D. in Astronomy, her passion for helping students of color enter STEM fields, and her research in evolution of galaxies. “Maybe your whole experiment collapsed or maybe somebody made a racist comment to you and it really brought you down…this is the time to reach out to those people who you have been building those relationships within your affinity groups. My advice is find your people, find your network. Whether or not it is in the physics department. Everyone has tough times, but if you’re having more positive than negative and your enjoying what you’re doing and you have a goal that you want to achieve. Just keep going”.

March 2022
Sometimes it All Adds Up: Math Professor’s Journey from the Barrios of Los Angeles to the White House

Richard Tapia and President Obama 

Minority “Underrepresentation endangers the mind of a nation not the health of various STEM fields”. In this podcast, host, Dr. Frank A. Gomez, sits down with National Medal of Science awardee and Computational & Applied Mathematics University Professor, Dr. Richard A. Tapia, to discuss his incredible life journey, his mathematics contributions, and his amazing work in influencing and inspiring underrepresented minority and female students in science and math.

“When I argue with the math department I don’t say that bringing in blacks, browns, and women are going to improve the quality of mathematics. Mathematics is in good shape and it is going to keep going. On the other hand, not having a STEM workforce in Silicon Valley that has the flavor of black and brown, now that does hurt the nation. With 18% brown and 13% black, that’s a large group of people and if they are not in the backbone of this country, which is science and technology, then the country will be weakened”.

December 2021
Cybersecurity at Cal State San Bernardino

Listen to our conversation with Dr. Tony Coulson, Professor of Information and Decision Science in the Jack H. Brown College and Executive Director of the Cybersecurity Center at California State University, San Bernardino. We discuss the Cybersecurity Center he directs at CSUSB, and the educational impact he is making on students and the institution.

October 2021
Utilizing Citizen Science as a Lens for Research Projects

In this month’s episode, Dr. Brittney Beck, assistant professor of teacher education and director of the Citizen Scientist Project at Cal State Bakersfield (CSUB), and Dr. Antje Lauer, professor of biology at CSUB, discuss the importance of citizen science and its impact on communities such as KERN County.

September 2021
One on One with a CSUN STEM Graduate

Join us on this episode for our one-on-one with Justice Mena, a recent chemistry graduate from California State University, Northridge. We discuss his CSUN experience, his current research projects, and his future goals.

August 2021
Critical Race Theory in Education

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a topic of fierce political debate in the US and has most prominently played out in public school districts as parents, teachers, and school administrators grapple with how to teach race, discrimination, and inequality in the classroom. In today's episode, we discuss these issues with Dr. Gabriela Chavira, a Professor of Psychology and NIH BUILD Principal Investigator at California State University, Northridge. We also discuss how CRT is a tool to enhance CSU STEM programs and research.

May 2021
Fire Science, Wildfires, and its Impact on the State of California

Over the years, wildfires have severely impacted the State of California. Today, dry conditions across California raise concern for an early fire season. Listen to our conversation with Dr. Craig Clements, a Meteorologist Professor, as we discuss his Fire Weather Research Laboratory at San Jose State University. He talks about how his research analyzes wildfire behavior. In addition, he discusses how they are preparing the next generation of scientists on wildfires and what to expect this summer.

April 2021
Institutional Barriers, Change and Powerful Student Advising

Dr. Frank A. Gomez sits down with Dr. Katy Pinto, a Sociology Professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills, to discuss campus institutional barriers and implementing institutional changes to help students navigate those barriers. She also talks about the meaningful connections and partnerships she has made with her students to help them achieve their academic goals.

March 2021
Health Disparities Among Communities of Color During COVID-19

Listen to our conversation with CSULA’s Public Health Professor, Dr. Melanie Sabado-Liwag, as we take a deep dive into the ongoing health disparities within communities of color. We discuss these disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the serious ramifications that may lie ahead, and how this impacts the CSU campuses post COVID-19.

February 2021
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) in STEM fields

Listen to the insightful conversation we had with Dr. Heather Macias, Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach, on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP). We discuss what CRP really means and how it can empower students. We also address some of the best ways CRP can be used within STEM fields, for both k-12 and higher education.

January 2021
San Francisco State’s Build Program

Learn about the San Francisco State's BUILD program and how Dr. Leticia Marquez-Magana, the Lead Principal Investigator, is enabling full representation in science at SFSU. Join the conversation, as she discusses various topics from why she applied to the BUILD grant, its' impact on San Francisco State's students, the importance of research within the California State University system, and how compositional diverse representation in higher education is important.

December 2020
All Things STEM Episode 0

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All things STEM-NET podcast Host is Dr. Frank Gomez, Executive Director of the STEM-NET affinity group within the California State University system.