2021-2022 STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship Virtual Research Café


The STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship program provides funds for undergraduate students to work collaboratively with CSU STEM faculty members on research projects during the summer 2022 semester. Results of their work are subsequently shared during the September 16th virtual event.

The 2022 STEM-NET SoCalGas Student Research Fellowship Virtual Café will feature three student fellowship recipients. Each student will present for 10 minutes followed by Q&A session. The virtual event will be held via Zoom.​

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*Sessions and tracks are open to all symposium participants and registrants​

​ *Please ensure that you have the latest zoom version that allows self-selecting breakout rooms. This version, 5.3.0, came out in September 21, 2020 . You can also update to the most recent zoom version 5.5.4 here.


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Schedule & Agenda

Session Name


​11:00 AM -11:02 AM​

Dr. Frank A. Gomez, CSU Office of the Chancellor, Executive Director, STEM-NET

Session Name

Presenter 1

​11:02 AM -11:12 AM
Cody Nichols

Student Name: Cody Nichols
Campus: Cal State Dominguez Hills
College Level: Junior
Major: Physics

Research Title: Optimizing the Therapeutic using High-Resolution Optical Tweezer Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM)

Presenter 211:12 AM -11:22 AM
Connor Bartholomew

Student Name: Connor Bartholomew
Campus: Cal State Fullerton
College Level: Senior
Major: Computer Engineering

Research Title: Wildfire Detection Project

Presenter 3

​11:22AM -11:32 AM
Justin Thomas Self

Student Name: Justin Thomas Self
Campus: Cal Poly
College Level: Junior​ 
Major: Aerospace Engineering, Concentration in Astronautics

Research Title: Virtual Aperture Multispectral Imaging for Atmospheric Reentry Studies Using High-Altitude Reflective Arrays


11:32 AM-11:50 AM 

Questions from the audience.

Closing Remarks

​11:50 AM- 11:55 AM​

Dr. Frank A. Gomez, CSU Office of the Chancellor, Executive Director, STEM-NET