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​The California State University Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST) has awarded $765,884 through its State Science Information Needs Program (SSINP) to three different CSU campuses to support research projects that will aid the state of California by advancing the science of ocean and coastal compensatory mitigation and associated restoration. The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC) is providing an additional $100,000 to one project. These awards will support four CSU faculty members and over 26 students at three different CSU campuses as well as collaborators at three institutions outside the CSU. 

​More information may be found in our press release​; project summaries can be found under COAST’s Past F​aculty Awards webpage​.

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​​In an interview with USA Today, Dr. Chris Lowe, a professor at CSU Long Beach, talks about the increased presence of young great white sharks on the shores of California. According to Dr. Lowe, more great white sharks are using the shores as nursery habitats, which could be because beaches are safer for the sharks due to the protections enacted by California. This is a good thing because great white sharks are important predators that help keep the ocean ecosystem balanced. ​​


​As climate change continues to threaten our planet and our oceans, scientists have become creative in figuring out ways to combat it. San Diego State researchers Dr. Melissa Ward​ and Dr. ​​Arielle Levine​, for example, are collaborating with shellfish growers to determine what methods they think will help their operations adapt to changing environmental conditions such as increased ocean acidification. This unique study is learning about the experiences of the people that are directly affected by climate change. ​

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