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​The Olympia oysters are California's native oyster and they have a tumultuous history. Many vested interests in California are hoping to restore the native populations to their previous height, but that may prove difficult as the shifting environment means that historical habitats could no longer be available. Efforts from many researchers, businesses, and tribal orgs are attempting to combat the decline.


​In Elkhorn Slough, sections of the wetland are being prepared for restoration. Between planting native plants and adding fresh soil, they have a lot of work cut out for them, but how will they tell if the wetland is improving? By monitoring of course! They have nearly 1700 acres to monitor, but with the help of drones they'll have their eye in the sky.


​The Tribune hosted a expert panel regarding the proposed wind farm that the federal government seeks to open 20 miles offshore of Cambria. Watch the replay of that live panel and see what Dr. Ruttenberg has to say about the idea!

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