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​In his STABB (Stingray and Butterfly Biomechanics) lab, Cal State Long Beach's researcher Ben Perlman studies stingray behavior to prevent sting injuries. His experiments confirm the effectiveness of the "stingray shuffle" among beachgoers. By understanding how and why stingrays strike, Perlman aims to improve beach safety practices, benefiting both humans and rays.​​​


San Diego State University's Rohwer lab is building and deploying large, geodesic structures in the mid-water column to grow and study small reef communities. These floating arks are designed to function as miniature reef communities to study and restore coral reefs.​​


Zach Merson, a COAST Coale Graduate Scholar and COAST Travel awardee and a Shark Lab Field Technician at California State University Long Beach, collects samples from a San Diego shark bite incident for DNA analysis.​

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