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​The Tribune hosted a expert panel regarding the proposed wind farm that the federal government seeks to open 20 miles offshore of Cambria. Watch the replay of that live panel and see what Dr. Ruttenberg has to say about the idea!


​Surfers prize sites with good waves above all else. However, many of these prime surfing spots will lose their characteristic waves as climate change impacts the ocean. Dr. Reineman's research has found that ​almost 16% of current surf spots are in danger of drowning (or not having any waves anymore) as sea-level rises.​​


​The federal government is pushing to transition the US energy to renewable sources such as wind. Dr. Arne Jacobson notes how perfect Humboldt Bay would be for an offshore wind farm. Such an undertaking would be beneficial to the community economically, but fishermen are concerned about their livelihood. However, work is underway to find a plan that works for everyone and long time opposition, such as industry and environmentalists, has now found them to be allies.

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