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Campuses Join National Climate Commitment

Elizabeth Chapin


CSUN Campus

Seven CSU campuses along with 84 other colleges and universities across the United States committed to carbon neutrality and resilience by becoming a charter signatory of the Climate Commitment.

The Climate Commitment, a program of the Boston-based nonprofit Second Nature, requires the campuses to set climate targets, report on progress publicly, and collaborate with the surrounding community, all while integrating sustainability across curriculum and research.

The seven campuses—Chico, Humboldt, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Northridge and San Luis Obispo—are among only 10 universities in California to join the commitment. ​

As part of the commitment, campuses must set target dates for meeting carbon neutrality and increasing resiliency—as well as expanding curriculum and research in these areas.

Increasing resiliency focuses on the expected impact of climate changes including drought, increasing temperatures, rising sea levels and ocean acidification. By preparing for these events now, campus infrastructure and buildings will be able to adapt to changing conditions in the future.

The commitment also requires that the campuses work in coordination with local government. Many cities across the state are also implementing similar plans, which provide the groundwork for stronger campus-community partnerships.

The campuses are currently in the first phase of resilience planning – creating task forces consisting of faculty, students, staff, local leaders and community stakeholders to ensure they align with community goals.

The seven are also members of Second Nature's Carbon Commitment, which focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Eight additional CSU campuses are also members of this commitment: Bakersfield, Channel Islands, East Bay, Fullerton, Pomona, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. Together, the 15 campuses have pledged to create a comprehensive Climate Action Plan with target dates for increasing carbon neutrality.

The Carbon Commitment is formerly known as the American College & University President's Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and has been used as a model for higher education climate action for more than a decade.

Learn more about the CSU's Commitment to Sustainability here: http://www.calstate.edu/cpdc/sustainability/