Financial Services Memos

​DateMemo #
​​​​3/30/2023 ​

​2023/2024 Centrally Paid Cos​​ts​​

​​​​4/1/2022 ​

​2022/2023 Centrally Paid Cos​​ts​​

​Deactivation of CSU Fund 444 - TF - PaCE Campus Partners
​FS2021-02​Revised Plan of Financial Adjustment

2021/2022 Centrally Paid Costs​




2020/2021 Centrally Paid Costs​


​Revised Plan of Financial Adjustment
​Projected Repayment Schedule for SB 84 Loan

​Revised Plan of Financial Adjustment
3/1/2019 FS2019-012019/2020 ​Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service


FS2018-012018/19 Centrally Paid Costs
5/30/2017 FS2017-022017/18 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
2/21/2017 FS2017-012017/18 Centrally Paid Costs
7/25/2016 FS2016-022016/​17 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
3/18/2016 FS2016-01Definition of Major (Non-recurring) Maintenance & Repair Costs as Used in Executive Order 994 and Chapter 15 of the Legal Accounting and Reporting Manual - UPDATED, supersedes Coded Memo FS2011-05.
10/23/2015 FS2015-022015/16 Centrally Paid Dental Annuitant Indirect Costs
6/24/2015 FS2015-01
2015/16 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
6/3/2014 FS2014-012014/15 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
8/26/2013 FS2013-012013/14 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
6/5/2012 FS2012-012012/13 Centrally Paid Costs and Debt Service
Definition of Major Maintenance & Repair Costs as Used in Executive Order 994 for Auxiliary Enterprise Funds in the SRB Program

***Important Note - This Coded Memo has been superseded by FS2016-01.
10/1/2011 FS2011-04Quarterly Unemployment Insurance (UI) Payment Change
7/27/2011 FS2011-032011/12 Centrally Paid Costs
6/13/2011 FS2011-02Auxiliary FNAT Keys
5/6/2011 FS2011-01Extended and Continuing Education Fiscal Integrity
12/21/2010 FS2010-07Sponsored Programs-Financial Accounting and Systemwide Reporting
11/4/2010 FS2010-06Unrelated Business Income Packet
10/19/2010 FS2010-05Accounting Guidance for Moving University Funds from Auxiliaries to the University in Accordance with Executive Order 1052 and Financial Services Coded Memo FS 2010-03.
10/5/2010 FS2010-04 Revision to FS2010-02 - 2010/11 Centrally Paid Costs - Direct Costs for Housing, Parking and Student Union Program Transfer Amounts.
9/10/2010 FS2010-03Implementation of E.O. 1052 - University and Auxiliary Funds
7/26/2010 FS2010-022010/11 Centrally Paid Costs.
1/4/2010 FS2010-01CSU Policy and Procedures Governing Travel Expense Reimbursement
12/4/2009 FS2009-09Unrelated Business Income Packet
9/4/2009 FS2009-08B2009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs (CPIC) - All Programs
8/26/2009 FS2009-08ASponsored Program Administration Audit Monitoring
7/9/2009 FS2009-072009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs - Parking Program
7/9/2009 FS2009-062009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs - Auxiliary Organizations
7/9/2009 FS2009-052009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs - Student Unions
7/9/2009 FS2009-042009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs - Housing Program
7/9/2009 FS2009-032009/10 Centrally Paid Indirect Costs - Health Center Facilities​
4/8/2009 FS2009-02Delegation of Authority for Accounts Receivable Write-Offs
1/20/2009 FS2009-01CSU Policy and Procedures Governing Travel and Relocation Expense Reimbursement​​​​


Questions? Contact Financial Services at (562) 951-4540​​