Technology Infrastructure Services (TIS)

About TIS

As part of the Business and Finance Division, TIS provides support for a variety of network and technology services, including desktop computer support, Internet, email, telephones, audio-visual equipment, and Web conferencing. Services that support the 23 campuses and the Chancellorís Office consist of the following:

CSU Systemwide Support
In conjunction with Common Management Systems (CMS), TIS provides technical infrastructure support to all campus IT environments.

Custom Application Support Services (CASS)
Custom Application Support Services (CASS) assists campuses in the development of maintenance management applications, provision of data and content management tools, and the creation of Web-based resources, such as search appliances and Web conferencing.

Identity & Access Management Initiative (IAM)
The Identity and Access Management Initiative (IAM) defines and establishes the identity authentication and authorization processes necessary to allow students, faculty and staff to securely access information across CSU networks.

Infrastructure Terminal Resources Project (ITRP)
By providing the baseline electronic components and security resources that meet information technology standards within the CSU, the Infrastructure Terminal Resources Project (ITRP) assists CSU campuses with the development of technical architecture and the installment of hardware required to build a secure, robust network.