Systemwide Financial Reporting

The role of Systemwide Financial Reporting is to lead and coordinate the effort to develop uniform standards and guidelines that will promote consistency and accuracy in financial reporting throughout the CSU system, and to provide accurate and timely systemwide financial statements and reports to our customers and stakeholders.

Staff Directory

  • George V. Ashkar
    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Controller, Financial Services
    (562) 951-4540

  • Sedong John
    Director, Systemwide Financial Standards & Reporting
    (562) 951-4577

  • Sheralin Klinthong
    Associate Director, Financial Reporting and Review
    (562) 951-4548

  • Roberta McNiel
    Sr. Manager, Financial Systems, Statutory Reporting & Tax Administration
    (562) 951-4668

  • Evajoy Tito
    Financial Reporting Manager
    (562) 951-4531
  • Su Chen
    Financial Systems and Reporting Analyst
    (562) 951-4637

Content Contact:
Eric Andersson
(562) 951-4545
Technical Contact:
Last Updated: January 21, 2014