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An appeal of a nonresident classification or reclassification will be accepted for review only if it meets the requirements described in the Basis for Appeal section below. An appeal that is untimely (i.e., submitted beyond the 30-day time limit), fails to provide a clear explanation of the basis for appeal, is based solely upon disagreement with the campus decision, and/or fails to provide relevant supporting documentation, will be rejected. If your appeal is accepted for review, the California State University Chancellor’s Office will obtain your residence file, including any documentation previously submitted by you during the classification or reclassification review, from the campus.

An appeal will ONLY be accepted from the student and must be submitted through the InfoReady site. Appeals via email, fax, and U.S. mail will not be accepted. A student with a documented disability that prohibits the student from submitting an appeal through the InfoReady site should contact Student Academic Services (see contact information listed below) for assistance.

Basis for Appeal

A student, following a final campus decision concerning the student's residence classification or reclassification, may make a written appeal to the Chancellor's Office within 30 calendar days of the issuance of the notification of the final campus decision. The campus decision may be appealed only if at least one of the following applies:

  1. The decision was based on:
    1. a significant error of fact;
    2. a significant procedural error; or
    3. an incorrect application of law which, if corrected, would require that the student be reclassified as a resident; and/or,
  2. Significant new information, not previously known or available to the student, became available after the date of the campus decision classifying the student as a nonresident and based on the new information, the classification as a nonresident is incorrect.

A student must explain why the appeal meets one or more of the above appeal criteria and provide relevant supporting documentation. For example, a “significant error of fact” could be demonstrated by stating that the campus incorrectly determined that a specific document, such as a driver’s license, was untimely and by providing a copy of the document establishing the error. An appeal that only states “a significant error of fact” will be denied.

Final Determination

The Chancellor’s Office appeal decision is final and there is no right to further appeal within the California State University system. A student who wishes to be reconsidered for residence reclassification for any future term must contact the campus to discuss the proper steps to request a resident reclassification for a future term within campus deadlines.

Submit an Appeal

Use the InfoReady site to submit an appeal.


Instructions to submit an appeal via InfoReady

Coded Memorandum

Amendment to Title 5 Residency Appeals Process