CSU Chancellor’s Office Experiences a Potential Computer Security Breach

Contact: Colleen Bentley-Adler, (562) 951-4800, caba@calstate.edu

(August 29, 2005) – The California State University Office of the Chancellor may have experienced unauthorized access to one of its computers, and 154 names may have been compromised during a recent virus infection.

The computer in question belonged to a CSU financial administrator who routinely works with records related to the receipt of student financial aid and the administration of student financial aid programs. The names and Social Security Numbers of 152 individuals who received financial aid, and the names and Social Security Numbers of two financial aid administrators, were included in the files on the computer.

The CSU has notified these 154 individuals by letter as required by California Civil Code 1798.29, commonly referred to as SB 1386. There is no indication that any of their personal data was accessed, but the CSU is taking this matter seriously and has initiated contact with the individuals.

In addition, the CSU Chancellor’s Office has established a website, www.calstate.edu/notice that has information on the free fraud-alert process, a question-and-answer document, the letter sent to the individuals, and various identify theft resources. The letter from the CSU encourages these individuals to contact the credit-reporting agencies and consider placing a fraud alert on their credit reports.

The security breach came from an outside source and was contained as soon as it was discovered. The CSU Office of the Chancellor is working diligently to implement measures to ensure that future incidents of this nature are prevented and that the security of information on students, faculty, and staff is strengthened.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2005

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