The Search for a New President of San José State University Will Continue Into 2004

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(November 20, 2003) - The California State University Board of Trustees today agreed to extend the search for a new president of San José State University into 2004 to find the best person to take over leadership of the oldest of CSU’s 23 campuses.

The board had met with the three announced finalists in individual meetings in closed session on November 18. Each had visited the campus the previous week. All three are experienced campus chief executives who were identified in the search process as having promising capabilities to become the new president. However, after discussing the opportunity with each of the three finalists, and reviewing their interactions with campus and community leaders, the trustees decided to continue searching for a new president.

“These are extremely talented individuals. Searching for a president is the most important job of the Board of Trustees,” CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed said. “We had difficulty determining a leading candidate who gained clear support from every campus constituency and who would best fit the campus, which is our most important criterion. We will continue the search until we are convinced that we have the very best slate of candidates for this critical position.”

Chancellor Reed also thanked the university community for its participation during the campus visits of each candidate.

Trustee Bill Hauck, who chaired the Trustees’ Committee for the Selection of the President, said the search will continue until all involved on the trustee committee and the Advisory Committee to the Trustees’ Committee for the Selection of the President are satisfied that candidates who are recommended are well matched to the San José State campus.

“The slate of final candidates presented on November 18 was experienced, seasoned, and had terrific ideas. We admire each of them and thank them for their contribution of ideas and for their commitment of time to discuss the opportunity to lead San José State University,” Hauck said.

There had been some criticism of the search process by various individuals on and off campus, but Trustee Hauck said: “The San José community should understand that we are seeking the best person to lead the campus. We are not persuaded by politically based criticism of the search process, but absolutely base our decision on what is best for the students, staff and faculty of San José State University.”

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Last Updated: November 20, 2003

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