2002 Student Research Winners Named

(May 10, 2002)  More than 150 students from 22 California State University campuses have completed the 16th annual Student Research Competition, hosted this year by CSU Long Beach.

The annual competition spotlights the outstanding accomplishments of students engaged in research and creative activity at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in all academic disciplines. One of the largest student achievement events of its kind in the CSU system, the competition gives students the chance to perform research relevant to their field of study.

Students make oral presentations and answer questions, and are judged on the clarity, organization, appropriateness, and value of their research. The juries are made up of business leaders, private-sector scientists, faculty from non-CSU colleges and universities, public school leaders, and practicing artists. This year the winners were recognized at a banquet in Long Beach on May 4 and will receive cash awards at a later date.

Up to 10 students from each campus can enter the competition in subject-based categories. This year's first-place award winners and their campus, listed by category, are

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences (Psychology): Chris Shriver, San Marcos (undergraduate); Kathleen Warmoth, San Marcos (graduate);
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences (other): Justin Hoffman, San Bernardino (undergraduate); Shankari Patel, Los Angeles (graduate);
  • Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Molecular & Cellular): Allison Adams, Chico (undergraduate); Giao Ton, Fullerton (graduate);
  • Biological and Agricultural Sciences (other): Jennifer Mullins, Stanislaus (undergraduate); Christina Luzier, Long Beach (graduate);
  • Business, Economics, and Public Administration: Lauri Kanerva and David Backman, San Francisco (graduate);
  • Creative Arts and Design: Christine Petty, Hayward (graduate);
  • Education: John Watson, San Diego (graduate);
  • Engineering and Computer Science: Curt von Badinski and Richard Mastropietro, San Jose (undergraduate); Abhijit Chaudhari, Northridge (graduate);
  • Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences: Laura Noreilus, San Francisco (graduate);
  • Humanities and Letters: Lisa Gee, Long Beach (undergraduate); Nancy Ann Nichols, Bakersfield (graduate);
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences: Dennis Leikam, Stanislaus (undergraduate); Xiaoji Li, Hayward (graduate).

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Last Updated: 10 May 2002

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