CBA and CSU Form Partnership For 2002 Debates

The California Broadcasters Association and California State University will offer the candidates for Governor a series of debates leading to the 2002 March Primary and November General Elections. Stan Statham, President of the CBA, and Charles B. Reed, Chancellor of the CSU system, said that their ability to offer a variety of locations, outstanding facilities, campus security and proven track record would be beneficial to the candidates and millions of California voters.

The Broadcasters Association and CSU teamed up during the 1998 Governor's race and brought the voters the debates between Gray Davis and Dan Lungren in Fresno, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Each debate will feature respected journalists posing questions to the candidates. An audience participation segment is planned as well. Stan Statham will again serve as the moderator and Vic Biondi as the debate producer.

Reflecting upon recent events, CBA President Stan Statham observed: "The challenges of America's security, cost of energy, and the economy are refocusing our attention on the people we elect to represent us. The more difficult the problem, the more important it is to remember that information is the cornerstone of democracy." Statham added: "Broadcast debates provide an excellent forum to help voters learn more about the candidates for Governor."

"With its 23 campuses in every part of the state and first-rate broadcast facilities, the California State University can provide ideal sites for the debates," said Chancellor Reed. "It is critical that California's residents know the issues and know the candidates' stands on those issues. The slowing economy will mean tough decisions in the years ahead, so voters need to be informed, and debates are one way they can hear the candidates' views."

Biondi said: "Using the extensive reach of the CBA radio and television stations and the excellent CSU campus facilities will allow millions of voters to see and hear for themselves what the candidates for Governor think about the issues that affect all Californians."

he California State University System is the largest four-year university system in the country. More than 42,000 faculty and staff teach and support about 380,000 students on 23 campuses and six off- campus centers. Nearly two million people have graduated from CSU campuses. Altogether, about half the bachelor's degrees and a third of the master's degrees awarded in California are from the CSU. For more information on the CSU see

The California Broadcasters Association represents the 763 radio and television stations in this state.

Questions or Interviews:
Charles Reed, CSU Chancellor (562) 951-4700
Stan Statham, CBA President and Debate Moderator (916) 444-2237
Vic Biondi, Debate Producer (916) 967-0990
Colleen Bentley-Adler, CSU Public Affairs (562) 951-4801

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Last Updated: 23 October 2001

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