CSU Grants Provisions for Students Called to Military Service

California State University students who are called for military service as a result of the recent terrorist attacks are ensured that they do not lose registration priority, academic credit, fees, or degree status, due to a series of existing Title 5 and Executive Order provisions enacted by CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

"The CSU is committed to the education of all its students," said Chancellor Reed. "We must guarantee that all students will still have access to their education when they come back from protecting the interests of our country."

The provisions provide CSU campuses the flexibility to coordinate the withdrawal and subsequent re-enrollment of military personnel. Campuses are authorized to approve a leave of absence for students called for active military duty, which guarantees registration rights for subsequent terms without reapplying for admission. Also, students may withdraw from courses throughout the term without restriction or penalty.

Students also will be provided a full refund of tuition fees. Non-resident tuition and parking fees are excluded from this provision, although presidents are allowed to give financial aid in the amount equal to the non-refundable portion of nonresident fees. Students and other reservists who have federal educational loans will not be expected to make payments while on active duty.

A memorandum was issued from the Office of the Chancellor to all CSU presidents, who are responsible for implementing the procedures outlined in the provisions on their campuses.

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Last Updated: 2 October 2001

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