The California State University Trustees today (June 4) approved the construction of the National Training Center/Sports Complex at CSU Dominguez Hills. The Trustees approved the schematic plans of the complex, the certification of the final environmental impact report, the revision of the campus master plan, and the amending of the 2000/01 non-state funded capital outlay program.

"This project greatly enhances our campus as well as improves our existing facilities," said CSUDH President James E. Lyons. "But, the National Training Center (NTC) is about more than athletics. The NTC takes us to the next level. It affords us the opportunity to expand our education program with a strong private sector support, and build toward the future. This public-private partnership will be long-lasting and far-reaching … a wise investment for our students' future."

At the last Trustees meeting on May 16, a total of about 50 speakers spoke in favor and against the impact of the construction of the complex, and the Trustees decided to delay a decision on approving the project to review the speakers' concerns.

The $112 million complex consists of development in two locations -- the project site and the campus improvement area. The project site consists of approximately 85 acres of undeveloped property that would include construction of two adjacent stadiums (a soccer stadium with seating from 20,000 to 27,000 and a tennis stadium with seating from 8,000 to 13,000), along with other support facilities and parking.

The campus improvement area is about 40 acres and includes upgrades to existing campus facilities such as soccer fields, tennis courts, track and field facilities, relocated baseball and softball fields, a relocated velodrome, surface parking and a relocated online roller hockey rink.

The privately-financed complex is scheduled to be the home of Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy and could also become the training headquarters for the U.S. Soccer Federation's men's and women's national teams.

Construction of the complex is scheduled to begin by September of this year, and completion is expected by December 2002.


04 June 2001

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