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The California State University received a record $860.5 million in external support in 1998/99, according to an annual report submitted to the CSU Trustees today (Wednesday, Jan. 26). The total, an increase of nearly 33 percent over last year, includes gifts from donors, and special revenue from sources such as sponsorships, bequests, contracts, grants property transfers and endowments.

"The CSU has made tremendous progress in increasing external support over the past several years. The Trustees, the chancellor and presidents have made fund-raising a priority so the CSU can offer the best education possible," said Douglas X. Pati-o, CSU vice chancellor for university advancement. "The funds we raise externally support faculty research, student scholarships, new facilities, and other projects that provide the margin of excellence in the education we offer our students."

Some highlights from the annual report include:

  • $232.5 million in donations from alumni, parents and other individuals, as well as foundations, corporations and other organizations.
  • $628 million in special revenue from sources such as sponsorships, bequests, trusts, multi-year pledges, contracts, grants, property transfers and endowment income.
  • Of the $232.5 million in voluntary giving, 42 percent came from individuals, and 58 percent came from organizations.
  • Special revenue has nearly doubled from $317.2 million five years ago.

In the early 1990s, the CSU Trustees encouraged campuses to increase their efforts in fund-raising and provided support for their efforts. As a result, voluntary support has more than doubled since 1991/92, when the total was $98.7 million. Altogether, from 1991/92 through 1998/99, the CSU has raised nearly $1.3 billion in gifts.

San Diego State topped CSU campuses in donations with $32.3 million. Others with more than $20 million in gifts were CSU Long Beach with $26.8 million; Fresno State with $24.9 million; and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with $23.5 million. Three other campuses had significant increases over last year: Maritime Academy, from $1.3 million to $5.1 million; Humboldt State, from $1.8 million to $6.5 million; and CSU Monterey Bay, from $828,339 to $1.5 million. In addition, donations were up by about 44 percent at both CSU Sacramento and San Francisco State.

The 1998/99 CSU State Support Budget was about $2.2 billion, meaning that the CSU now raises more than one dollar from external funding for every three dollars of state support. In addition, the $860.5 million is nearly twice as much as the $458.1 million CSU raised from student fees in 1998/99.

A recent study found that 10 of the top 20 public master's universities in the nation in total voluntary support were CSU campuses

January 26, 2000