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CSU Students Awarded for Research

More than 140 undergraduate and graduate students from 21 of the California State University campuses took part in the 14th annual systemwide research competition held recently at Cal Poly Pomona.

Given a 10-minute time limit to present orally and three minutes for questions and answers, students were judged on the clarity, organization, appropriateness, and value of their research. Winners of the competition were awarded cash prizes and systemwide recognition.

The founder of the competition, Vivian Vidoli, dean of the division of graduate studies at CSU Fresno, called the competition unique because of its size and format.

The competition, which is one of the largest student achievement events of its kind in the CSU system, gives students the chance to perform research relevant to their field of study. Research topics may be assigned by a professor or faculty advisor, or chosen by the student. Most students must win a contest or competition held on their own campus before advancing to the systemwide competition.

While CSU faculty judge the campus competitions, the systemwide competition uses juries comprised of business leaders, private-sector scientists, faculty from non-CSU colleges and universities, public school leaders, and practicing artists.

Up to 10 students from each campus can enter the competition in subject-based categories such as Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Creative Art and Design. This year's first-place award winners listed by category are:

Nancy Baker, CSU San Marcos; Behavioral and Social Sciences (undergraduate)

Dustine M. Rojas-Kraft, CSU Bakersfield; Behavioral and Social Sciences (graduate)

Westley M. Schager, CSU Chico; Biological and Agricultural Sciences (undergraduate)

Anna M. Valle, CSU Dominguez Hills; Biological and Agricultural Sciences (undergraduate)

Edwina Skinner, Dominguez Hills; Biological and Agricultural Sciences (graduate)

Merle-Alexa Langona, Kim Duong and Amy Tang, CSU Hayward; Business, Economics, and Public Administration (undergraduate and graduate)

Spencer H. Schedler, San Francisco State University; Creative Arts and Design (undergraduate and graduate)

Bonnell B. Goycochea, San Diego State University; Education (graduate)

Shane Kemper, CSU Sacramento; Engineering and Computer Science (undergraduate)

Ling Chen, San Diego; Engineering and Computer Science (graduate)

Dung-Hanh Nguyen, CSU Long Beach; Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences (undergraduate)

Dana L. Rogers, San Jose State University; Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences (graduate)

Tracy Halmos, Nikki Cornell, Christopher Mohr, Cori McReynolds and Kimberlee Marsh, CSU Fresno; Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences (graduate)

Stewart S. Uyeda, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; Humanities and Letters (undergraduate)

Adriana P. Ratsch-Rivera, CSU Hayward; Humanities and Letters (graduate)

Luis M. Campos, Dominguez Hills; Physical and Mathematical Sciences (undergraduate)

Mark Libardoni, CSU Northridge; Physical and Mathematical Sciences (undergraduate)

John Rogan, San Diego; Physical and Mathematical Studies (graduate).

June 5, 2000