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CSU Enrollment Increases for Sixth Straight Year

More Than 8,500 Additional Students Make Total Enrollment Second Highest Ever

Fall 2000 enrollment at the California State University rose for the sixth consecutive year. The 8,533 additional students increased the CSU systemwide enrollment to 368,252, just slightly less than the highest total ever of 369,053 in 1990. Over the past six years, the CSU has grown by nearly 49,000 students, an increase of 15.3 percent.

"Tidal Wave II is not on the way. It is here," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed. "The CSU has the right strategies in place to ensure access to high-quality education. First, CSU campuses are moving to year-round operations and flexible scheduling. Second, the CSU is expanding the use of off-campus centers and joint-use facilities with community colleges. Third, the CSU is using technology to reach more students who prefer more distance education courses."

At the CSU Trustees meeting last week the California Post Secondary Education Commission (CPEC) presented a report on Tidal Wave II, which refers to the surge of students seeking higher education in California over the next ten years due to the children of the baby boomers reaching college age and the college participation rate increasing. Predictions indicate that the CSU enrollment will expand from about 350,000 in the fall of 1998 to more than 479,000 students by 2010 - an increase of 37 percent.

This fall, 18 of the 22 CSU campuses had enrollment increases, and nine reached their highest enrollment ever. The largest numerical gain was at Sacramento with an increase of 1,235. Fullerton increased by 1,214 and recorded its highest enrollment ever. Other campuses with significant increases are Northridge at 1,119, Long Beach at 909, and Chico at 651, which now has more students than ever.

The highest percent increases are at CSU Monterey Bay, 15.8 percent; the California Maritime Academy, 12 percent; CSU San Marcos, 9 percent; and CSU Stanislaus, 8.8 percent. All four campuses are now at their highest enrollments ever.

Other campuses with record enrollments include Bakersfield, Dominguez Hills, Monterey Bay and San Bernardino.

The fall 2000 full-time equivalency enrollment (FTE) figure, which counts students based on the percentage of credits they take toward a full 15-credit load, increased by about 2.2 percent from 280,619 last fall to 286,931.

San Diego State University continues to lead the CSU system with 31,609 students, followed by Long Beach, 30,920; Northridge, 29,066; and Fullerton, 28,381.

In addition, enrollment in CalStateTEACH, the CSU alternative teacher education program for elementary school teachers seeking credentials, has nearly doubled from 309 last fall to 600 this fall. Using the latest technology including the Internet, video, and print materials, CalStateTEACH delivers high quality education to teachers wherever they may live in California. Throughout the 18-month program only five visits to a CSU site are required.

The CSU has the largest enrollment of any four-year university system in the country. Although more than 97 percent of CSU students are from California, the CSU enrollment also includes students from every state in the country and from well over 100 different countries. Minority groups represent more than half of the CSU student body, double the nation average.

14 November 2000