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The California State University and the Academic Professionals of California (APC), the union that represents nearly 2,000 CSU student service professionals, have reached a tentative agreement on a three-year contract that runs through June of 2003. The contract is retroactive to July 2000 and includes a six percent compensation pool, including merit pay.

As a result of the tentative agreement, the California Faculty Association (CFA) is the only one of eight CSU employee units that has yet to reach an agreement with the CSU.

"We are pleased to have reached an agreement that includes a significant salary increase and an effective merit program that rewards employee performance. A three-year contract without the annual, limited reopening of negotiations is unprecedented and serves as good model for future agreements," said Jackie McClain, CSU vice chancellor of human resources. "This represents a significant effort by both the APC and CSU. We are hopeful that very soon we can reach a mutually satisfying agreement with the faculty union too."

Highlights of the APC agreement include:

  • Forty percent of the salary pool will be used for merit pay to reward employee performance.
  • No "reopener" for the life of the contract, meaning no issue can be renegotiated until the contract expires June 30, 2003.
  • A three percent across-the-board increase for all employees.
  • A ten percent pool for employee bonuses for every five-year anniversary beginning with the tenth, for employees who have earned graduate degrees during their employment with the CSU, and for professional development activities.

The union is expected to ratify the agreement by Dec. 20, and the CSU Trustees are expected to vote on approving the contract at their next meeting on January 23-24.

CSU negotiations with the CFA are in the fact-finding stage. This week the fact-finder is expected to issue recommendations designed to help the CSU and CFA reach an agreement. Main issues in the continuing negotiations are the faculty union's request for funding of three items in addition to the six percent offer currently on the table, and the union's request to discontinue or modify the merit pay program, which provides additional compensation based on outstanding faculty performance. That program is in the current CFA contract, which doesn't expire until July 2001.

November 27, 2000