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CSU 1-day Conference to Draw 100-plus Water Experts, Agency Officials,
Environmental-Justice Advocates to Rancho Cucamonga Today, June 28


The Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI) of the California State University (CSU) is presenting and underwriting a one-day conference, “Developing Funding For Disadvantaged Community Infrastructure Projects” Tuesday, June 28, in Rancho Cucamonga for government and water-district officials, advocates and others.

The event supports a larger WRPI effort to advance technical, social, and other ways to foster environmental restoration and economic development.  The CSU has proposed a federally funded center to provide technical and other assistance to help disadvantaged communities develop and manage effective, sustainable water and wastewater systems.



8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Frontier Project, 10435 Ashford Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Presenters include directors, scientists and other individuals from State Water Resources Control Board, regional water authorities, WRPI, community groups, and environmental-protection and public-health agencies.


In hundreds of relatively poor communities across California, the systems to provide clean water or to treat wastewater – or to do both – are failing, raising concerns of public health and environmental justice.  What does it take to tackle such problems? And how can solutions be funded and sustained?



The conference agenda will examine why many poor communities, particularly rural ones, have deficient water systems; the problem’s scope and impact; how problems can be approached; and, primarily, how funding for solutions can be pursued.

Several case studies will be presented, including one of Enchanted Heights, a community in the City of Perris, where failing septic systems have fouled yards and lanes for years. This summer, a three-year, $13 million installation project will begin on a sewer system for the 446-home community.

The conference offers reporters a confluence of expertise and perspectives. Presenters will include representatives of resource and health agencies, researchers and environmental-justice advocates.  The experts below are available for interviews at the event or later.



Media Contacts:
Sean Kearns (707) 826-3338; cell (562) 335-4997,
Mike Uhlenkamp (562) 951-4800;

Expert Sources:
Susan Lien Longville
Director, Water Resources Institute, California State University San Bernardino; associate director, CSU WRPI; moderator, a key organizer of conference
Office (909) 537-7684; cell (909) 772-0843

Karl E. Longley
Dean emeritus, CSU Fresno; research engineer, California Water Institute; board member, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
Office (559) 278-8658; cell (209) 873-0630

Maria Elena Kennedy (also fluent in Spanish)
City of Perris outreach coordinator on Enchanted Heights project; executive director, Quail Valley Environmental Coalition; member, U.S. EPA's National Drinking Water Advisory Council
Cell (626) 374-8910

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