About NGEI

CSU schools and colleges of education are connecting with California’s K-12 districts to transform teacher preparation.

The New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) began in 2014 and featured partnerships in 11 regions of the state. Each partnership involved a CSU campus and one or more K-12 public school districts. The partners focus on five key elements that can transform teacher preparation. All partners shared a commitment to excellence in helping teacher candidates become teachers.

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Preparing a New Generation of Educators

See the work underway to transform teacher preparation in California.

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"The Passion to Teach"

Hear people involved in teacher preparation talk about the importance of their work.​

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Transforming Teacher Preparation

Read reflections and find resources from the New Generation of Educators Initiative.​

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Ready for the 21st-century classroom on day one

Quality instruction is more vital than ever in California. Today’s teachers must be:

  • experts in helping all students succeed with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards
  • conduits for social-emotional learning
  • champions for equity and inclusion

It’s a critical job, and every teacher needs the ability and confidence to enter the classroom ready to succeed.

Everyone gains through rigorous, relevant teacher preparation

Students, communities, and teachers all benefit when the best possible training takes place prior to a new educator’s first days and years as a classroom leader.

Emerging research shows that better prepared teachers are more likely to stay in their careers — bringing years of experience to the classroom and helping schools avoid the significant costs of recruiting and onboarding new faculty.

Making a large-scale, systemic difference in California

The CSU prepares more of California's K-12 teachers than all other institutions combined. As NGEI practices are adopted and adapted across more campuses, implemented in partnership with local districts, and infused with the university’s signature teacher preparation pedagogies, the positive impact on California students, communities, and teachers will only grow.

The California New Generation of Educators Initiative supported and reinforced Graduation Initiative 2025, the systemwide effort to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating achievement and opportunity gaps.