Teacher and Educator Degrees & Credentials

The CSU’s teacher preparation program is the largest in the state and among the largest in the nation, awarding approximately​ 6,000 California teaching credentials annually.

The CSU has made it possible to obtain a bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential in four years on most campuses. In 2016-17, five campuses offered combined bachelor’s and credential programs. In 2018-19, twenty campuses will offer combined bachelor’s and credential programs.

The CSU’s programs for educators​ are designed to enable them to continue on career-long growth trajectories, earning credentials that may help them​ enter the profession and master’s and doctoral​ programs that provide the skills to be transformational leaders. Campuses offer programs that enable teachers to earn National Board Certification and the system’s national leadership in professional development includes the Expository Reading and Writing Course, which has played a prominent role in advancing college readiness in English.

The CSU also is deeply involved in Subject Matter Projects that advance teacher expertise in mathematics, science, reading and literature, writing, history/social science, the arts, international studies, world languages, and physical education and health. These projects offer Summer Institutes that afford teachers opportunities for in-depth collaborative learning.

​Bachelor’s Degree & Credential Programs

Explore a variety of programs across the CSU that will help you earn your bachelor’s degree and teaching credential at the same time.

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Become a Mathematics​​ or ​Science Teacher​

California needs more mathematics and science teachers. Learn how to share your skills in STEM through the CSU's Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative.

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Master’s Degree Programs

Ready to earn your graduate degree in education? There are plenty of options at campuses across the CSU.

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Doctorate Programs (Ed.D. and Ph.D.)​​

Sixteen campuses now offer an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership or Ph.D. in Education.​

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