Better Together: California Teachers Summit

The "Better Together: California Teachers Summit" is a free, statewide event for teachers that is held on nearly all CSU campuses on the last Friday in July.

The CSU's goal is to serve more than 10,000 teachers at the event, with CSU campuses providing the opportunity for K-12 educators to learn and share and develop lasting professional networks for advancing the teaching of the California State Standards.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of continued growth and learning among educators. The summit provides professional development opportunities for all teachers, including the CSU's teacher graduates.

It is led by teachers, for teachers and recognizes the expertise of outstanding classroom teachers as EdTalk and EdCamp leaders.

The "Better Together" event enhances the prestige of the teaching profession and contributes to recruiting and retaining excellent teachers, addressing teacher shortages.

Partners of the summit include major philanthropic foundations as well as California's leaders in K-12 and higher education. The two major partner organizations are the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities and the New Teacher Center.

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