Therese Azevedo
Therese Azevedo

​Sonoma State
Stauffer Foundation Scholar

I would not be where I am today without the organizations, faculty, and staff who have helped guide me through college.

Therese Azevedo has always defied expectations. As a first-generation female student in STEM who attended rural Central California schools, she has risen above stereotypes of what (and who) she should (or could) be.

Therese is multiracial and often was treated as an outsider, both in and out of the classroom. Navigating cultural and institutional boundaries has informed her passion for data analysis. The Sonoma State senior is majoring in statistics and has furthered student engagement as a learning community mentor to statistics students. She also has supported girls in middle school on behalf of STEM programs, and has conducted research on math anxiety, especially among female and underrepresented college students. Her work highlights her commitment to widening the path so that other students can follow.

Therese will pursue her doctorate in statistics with the goal of becoming a professor, while continuing her exploration of data-driven research, increasing inclusivity and sharing her passion for education.