Essy Barroso-Ramirez

​San José State University 
Trustee Emeritus William Hauck and Padget Kaiser Scholar

I hope to help other women fill in the gaps in academic achievement as I have been helped by women throughout my academic career."

Essy Barroso-Ramirez is a first-generation Mexican-American student who grew up with English as her second language. She has worked two jobs throughout her entire college career. Today, Essy is earning a bachelor’s degree in public health and a minor in Mexican-American studies and legal studies at San José State University.

Essy is a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society and the Humanities Honors Program. She works for the City of Santa Cruz and San José State University’s Department of Mexican American Studies. Active on campus, Essy is a member of Gente Unida, holds a leadership position in the Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority and has volunteered at the Science Extravaganza, MESA Day and Molcajete Fest events.

Essy plans to work with policymakers to better society as a whole, ensure social justice and promote equality.