Julie Debbs
image of Julie Debbs
Julie Debbs
California State University, Sacramento

Shortly after she was 18 years old, Julie L. Debbs became a victim of human trafficking and eventually became homeless, addicted and diagnosed with a mental health disorder. She lived this life for three decades before she began to reach out for help and try to make a new life through higher education.

Julie is maintaining a 3.50 GPA and working toward a bachelor’s degree in social work. Her education is already at work in the community where she volunteers, speaking to women striving for transformation from homelessness to employment, and promoting community awareness programs aimed at altering society’s perception and treatment of oppressed women. Her efforts earned her the unique honor of being named an Oprah Winfrey “Ambassador of Hope” recipient in 2009.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Julie plans to enter the Master of Social Work program at CSU Sacramento so that she can make a substantial difference in her community and beyond.