Grace Kim
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Grace Kim
California State University, Long Beach

Born in California, Grace Kim lived her early years in Korea and returned to the United States to attend middle school. She found it difficult to adjust to a culturally different and academically challenging new environment. However, it is precisely this experience that made it possible for her to empathize with the needs of other struggling students.

Grace achieved her bachelor’s degree in child development at UC Berkeley. While completing her undergraduate studies, she suffered intense chronic back and neck pain that resulted from being the passenger in seven vehicle accidents. She channeled her personal adversity into an opportunity to mentor and motivate students at Oakland High School.

Today, Grace is working toward completing a master’s degree in nutritional science at CSU Long Beach and mentors students at Kettering Classical Elementary School. She also serves on the board of the Student Dieticians Association and will chair their fall symposium. Grace plans to become a registered dietitian and continue to motivate at-risk youth to pursue healthy lifestyle choices.