Dannisha Denise Battle

Dannisha Denise Battle

Humboldt State University

image of Dannisha Denise Battle


A first-generation college student from blighted South Central L.A., Dannisha Denise Battle was brought up in a low-income family with five siblings and few educational prospects. Three exceptional high school teachers guided her path to higher education, and Dannisha was admitted to Humboldt State University, where she majors in psychology. After a lackluster first two years, Dannisha has found her academic niche and plans to become a marriage, family and child psychologist.

Dannisha volunteers with mentally disabled adults through the campus-run program Links for Life, and with foster youth at the Hand-in-Hand program. Concurrently, Dannisha is a teaching assistant in an American Sign Language course, where she shares her passion for this special way to communicate with students in the class.

Her future goals are to become a top African American psychologist and open a nonprofit organization in her community providing counseling, parenting and mentoring programs, after-school services and job fairs. She also hopes to create a foster care facility with a group home and her own therapy practice.