Donor Stories

Our donors and supporters are inspired by the stories of our students​—​and a shared commitment to the CSU's values of diversity, opportunity, quality and success.


Academic Enrichment

From classrooms and laboratories to applications in the field and local communities, donor support enriches experiential learning for CSU students, providing them with unique opportunities to discover, build and transform their career and life trajectories.

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Student Achievement

As the nation’s largest and most diverse four-year public higher education institution, the California State University strives to be a leader in providing affordable degree opportunities for students of all backgrounds. On every CSU campus, outstanding faculty are leading the way, redesigning courses, applying innovative teaching practices and using data more effectively to address equity gaps.

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Faculty Success

CSU faculty has an extraordinary commitment to excellence in teaching, academic scholarship and service to community. Donors are passionate about supporting the faculty leaders who have so positively influenced their lives and who continue to promote the success of the next generation of students.

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Wang Award

The 2019 Wang Family Excellence Award recognizes four outstanding faculty members and one outstanding administrator from across the CSU. The five award recipients, through extraordinary commitment and dedication, have distinguished themselves by exemplary contributions and achievements. Each recipient is given a $20,000 award.

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Faculty Innovation & Leadership Awards

With generous support from the College Futures Foundation the Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award recognizes faculty who are implementing innovative practices that significantly improve learning and course outcomes. The award also acknowledges faculty who have demonstrated leadership at the department, college, or university level to improve student success and outcomes in courses with traditionally low success rates or persistent equity gaps.

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Student Scholarships

Every year, donors provide millions of dollars in scholarships that help students reach their academic goals and build a better future for themselves, their families and California.

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Trustees' Awards

The Trustee Scholars represent the hopeful, hard-working and resilient spirit that defines California. Nominated by their campus president, each of these students has a superior academic record and serve their community in extraordinary ways. Each has also faced and overcome great obstacles to pursue their dreams through higher education.

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Directed Research

Research, academic inquiry and creative activity are intrinsic to the CSU. They are key elements of a high-quality education where students have the opportunity to engage with course content, develop and test hypotheses, and push boundaries.

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Student Athletics

Through student athletics, the CSU strives to promote an environment of teamwork, leadership and personal accountability. Every day, student-athletes demonstrate a dedication to the hard work and competitive spirit that builds character on the playing fields, in classrooms and, ultimately, in the workforce.

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Public Benefit

In partnership with community champions and committed donors, CSU campuses are building strong and inclusive communities across California. It is a vital to the system’s public mission to advance social mobility, resolve health disparities and tackle real-world problems.

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University Support

As the resource and support needs of the CSU and its campuses continue to evolve, strong university support is vital to our current and long-term success. This year, powered by our incredible donors and leaders, the CSU welcomed new gifts and campaigns – and celebrated with several campuses for surpassing their giving goals.

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