Chancellor's Message

Dear Friends—

On behalf of the entire California State University community, I offer my deepest thanks and heartfelt appreciation to the forward-thinking donors whose leadership and generosity have propelled us to a record year of philanthropic success.​

These champions of higher education recognize the life-changing opportunities provided by a CSU degree, and they share our commitment to ensuring that these opportunities are available to students from all walks of life. Our donors are confident that their support is a worthy, valued and consequential investment in the future of California and the betterment of the world we live in.​

This unprecedented level of generosity will fuel the CSU’s larger strategic effort of Graduation Initiative 2025, which continues to show impressive results as demonstrated by improved success measures for all students. It will provide students with financial support and power innovative academic programs and groundbreaking research in areas as rich and dynamically diverse as California itself.​

The stories that follow are a tribute and testament to our donors’ remarkable commitment to the CSU mission, and they powerfully presage the consequential and lasting impact these gifts will provide.​

Thank you again to our generous and dedicated donors. Your support will continue to provide opportunities for all students, regardless of background and circumstance. And your leadership will inspire others and help shape the future prosperity of our great state.​

For California,

Timothy P. White