Chancellor White and faculty in academic dress

Chancellor's Message

Dear Friends—

I am so excited to share with you the powerful impact of donor support – and offer our deepest gratitude for your steadfast commitment to the California State University.

From personal growth to healthy communities to global development, this year’s gifts are investments in the consequential and transformative power of the largest public university in the nation.

We – and the entire CSU community – are forever thankful.

As we look back on a year of outstanding generosity, I am reminded of the lasting legacy of gifts from prior years that continue to inspire, build and transform the future of millions of Californians and their families. We share a few of these stories as testaments to the long-term impact of giving and in tribute to the forward-thinking visionaries who paved the way for success today and into the future.

Together, donors of our past and present ensure unrivaled opportunity and ambitious pursuit of excellence in all that we do for our students and our state.

Thank you again.

For California,

Timothy P. White